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It could be argued that the wedding toast is one custom that differentiates a wedding from a formal party or affair. Though a long tradition at weddings,  over recent years the wedding toast has evolved into more than just a simple “here’s to health, wealth and lots of good fortune” to a sometimes awkward and long-winded speech that actually bore’s guests or takes the energy out of your reception.

So how do you keep this from happening or at least minimize the possibility?  Here are a few tips you can pass on to anyone who will be giving a speech or toast at your wedding:

  1. Ask anyone giving a toast to keep their toast under 3 minutes and for it to be family friendly
  2. Ask them to be prepared to give their toast by having it written out and preferably rehearsed before the wedding date. Use note cards or your cell phone if need be,  however, try not to read it word for word of the cards or phone as it will sound rehearsed. Cell phones can also interfere with wireless microphones.
  3. Although toasts may be given in any order,  it is customary for the Best Man to go first followed by the fathers, maid and/or matron of honor, mothers and anyone else. If the bride or groom would like to toast they would go after the fathers.
  4. When it is only the Best Man and Maid Of Honor,  it is customary for the Best man to go first. If he has the stronger toast,  have him go last. It is best to finish strong.
  5. Ask the photographer or master of ceremonies where the toasting parties should stand when giving their toast.
  6. Always stand when giving your toast
  7. It is always best to minimize the number of toasts at a wedding.  If you have several guests that would like to toast it is best to let them do it at the rehearsal dinner.  Try to limit the toasts at your wedding to the best man, maid/matron of honor and parents.


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